XYZ Clock - Redisplaying Time

An abstract clock concept that visualizes time three-dimensionally.

I began this project thinking about time and how it has been represented visually. I realized that all of our time pieces display time almost completely two-dimensionally.  All clocks are, in essence, a flat image that displays different images over time.  That seemed wrong.  Time is a very spacial experience and some argue that it is a dimension of space. Time is a complex concept that deserves more credit than numbers and spinning arms could give it.
I decided to create a clock that reconnects time with all three dimensions of space.  I created a three ringed structure, each ring being composed of a pointing half and a numerical half.  Each ring resides on an axis of space, the X, Y, and Z axes.  In this way the clock is now a spatial as possible, reaching out in every direction of space.
Bloblocks - Sculpural Building Blocks
Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar - Packaging Design
Fraem - Pigeon Carrier
RISD ID Triennial Poster