Geometric Spatial Sculptures

As an experiment in spatial exploration, I created a series of paper forms, representing different aspects of space and form.

Hand (2012)
This sculpture is an interpretation of the space engaged with a natural object.  I imagined what it would be like to capture the area around a human hand, bound together by their adjacency.  When peering into the object you can feel a complicated internal space that is very challenging to interpret.  Simultaneous abstraction and suggestion of form is essential to this piece.
Sequencing Infinity (2012)
This piece took initial inspiration from the complexity of the Möbius Strip: one continuous paper plane that has only one side.  These strips were repeated in a circular pattern, causing an undulating, twisting, and morphing series of spaces.
Bare Minimum (2012)
This piece was born out of pure experimentation.  I combined my interests in geometric form and intersecting planes and created the purest geometric representation of a cuboctahedron.  It eliminates all unnecessary details and creates a dynamic reinterpretation of foundational geometry.
Charcoal Drawing
Logo and Branding - Small Moves
Defining Space with Line - Wire Media
Poly Prop (by DesignWright) Scale Model
Aluminum Bodies
Termes - Three-Part Hand Mirror
Four Tones - Lasercut Illustration
SanDisk Cruzer Packaging Design
Stream's Line, Carved Bowl